As a recent newcomer to the USA, the technology has taken the country by storm! Top athletes, businessmen, celebrities, and doctors incorporate cryotherapy regularly into their routine and swear by its benefits. The best part? This other-worldly technology is now available locally in Morristown at a down-to-Earth price.

Cryotherapy is a modern adaptation of time-tested principles – think of them as taking an ice pack or ice bath to the next level. Our clients find the therapy to be both fun and effective. Originally designed to treat rheumatoid arthritis, sessions takemere minutes and have been trusted for decades in both Japan and Europe.

We know what you’re thinking – why would any sane human being expose themselves to the coldest air on Earth? We get it and do understand if you have hesitations! Many of regulars however shared the same frigid fears prior to their first sessions. Having been through them, they now rave about the benefits and are quick to point out that the cold only lasts for a few short minutes. For these clients, the value provided make the experience both memorable and worthwhile.

Here at Renew Cryotherapy, we are pleased to offer three distinct therapies. We welcome you to pick the one that best fits your needs.

Why Renew Cryo Therapy?

Here, we place an emphasis upon your experience. This means making booking easy, explaining the process step by step, sticking to schedule, and providing access to the newest and most advanced technology on the market. Call us now to book your appointment today!

Cryo Facials – This frigid facial is a favorite of A-List celebrities and superstars, who say that it is a must-try for anyone looking to look younger and feel more confident. The facial works by naturally boosting your collagen production, thereby reducing the signs of age and stress. It also helps with fine lines and wrinkles, and therefore Is one of the top anti-aging and natural treatments in the beauty market!

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Whole Body Cryo SaunasThis out of world experience immerses you in a cloud of the coldest air found on Earth (Even Colder than Antarctica)! The good news? The experience only lasts about three minutes and our regulars swear by the benefits. This popular option is perfect for athletes, weekend warriors, jet-lagged commuters, and those looking to get a mental edge at work or school. The dry “shower” will put a bounce back in your step, uplift your mood, and supercharge your metabolism!

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Local Cryotherapy – This therapy is perfect for those who have joint pain, inflammation, or swelling in a specific area. In local cryotherapy, our technicians used a hand-held device to apply chilled air directly over your area of need. Additional benefits include scar reduction, minimization of cellulite, and jump-starting your metabolism. Think of it as the ultimate ice-pack!

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