What is Cryotherapy?

What is Cryotherapy?

New fitness and health trends are always out there. And one of the newest sensations on the health market is Cryotherapy. If you haven’t tried it, you should read on all the benefits that it can bring.

“Since 2011, people have undergone more than a half-million cryotherapy sessions around the world. Within the alternative healthcare realm, many are looking to cryotherapy to treat injuries, speed recovery, and boost athletic performance.

Cryotherapy has been around for a long time; the use of very cold temperatures as a therapeutic regimen is currently gaining more attention, and even has professional athletes turning to this technique.” (Click on this link to read it in full).

So what happens during 1 session?

You will go into a cryotherapy machine and emerge yourself in the cold and dry air that is approximately -290 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 minutes! Yes! You read it right. You might think, why should I do it? Is it really worth it? The answer is yes. If you continue doing this treatment weekly, you will notice significant health improvements.

In particular, you will notice improved metabolism and better looking skin! Cold temperature increases blood circulation and stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of your skin. Another benefit of this treatment is reduced arthritic pain and quicker injury recover. Cryotherapy also reduces the inflammation, improves sleeping cycle, immune system and stress levels. It is very beneficial to do this treatment on a weekly basis for months to see long-term results for pain recovery. But we do suggest everyone to at least try it out!