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Benefits of Cryotherapy

8 Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Pain Relief and Muscle Healing
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Preventing Dementia
  • Preventing Cancer
  • Reducing Anxiety and Depression
  • Improving Symptoms of Eczema
  • Treating Migraines

Whole Body Cryotherapy's 3 Benefits


  • Decreases Fatigue, Soreness & Inflammation
  • Accelerates Recovery, Improves Performance
  • Boosts Immune System, Limits Colds & Flu


  • Treats Autoimmune & Inflammatory Disorders
  • Reduces Chronic Pain & Chronic Fatigue
  • Activates Natural Biological Regeneration


  • Increases Collagen Production for Healthier Skin
  • Reduces Cellulite, Skin Blemishes & Skin Aging
  • Accelerates Metabolism for Weight Management

Celebrities Who Swear By The Controversial Treatment

Celebrities are freezing their butts off — literally — in the hopes of curing whatever ails them, soothing their aching muscles and shedding pounds fast. Musicians, actors, and athletes alike have vouched for the treatment, posting photos of themselves at their designated cryotherapy treatment centers.

It’s no secret that the “Horrible Bosses” actress hasn’t aged a bit since her days on “Friends,” but could it be that cryotherapy is the reason? According to Shape magazine, Aniston is one of many females in Hollywood who rely on cryotherapy to keep their skin looking youthful and their figure in check. Treatments in the icey cold temperatures are said to burn about 800 calories in just three minutes.

Freezing Athletes to Speed Recovery

Last week, the American sprinter Justin Gatlin showed up at the World Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Daegu, South Korea, with frostbite on his feet. This condition was painful — he told reporters that he had blisters on both heels — but it was also improbable, given that he’d developed the frostbite in Florida in August. But Mr. Gatlin had been sampling one of the newest, trendiest innovations in elite athlete training. He’d gone into a whole-body cryotherapy chamber, and his feet had frozen there.

Whole-body cryotherapy is, essentially, ice baths taken to a new and otherworldly level, and it is drawing considerable attention among athletes, both elite and recreational. In the cryotherapy chambers, the ambient temperature is lowered to a numbing minus 110 Celsius or minus 166 Fahrenheit. The chambers were originally intended to treat certain medical conditions, but athletes soon adopted the technology in hopes that supra-subzero temperatures would help them to recover from strenuous workouts more rapidly.